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Gaming for Good

Ever since my first gaming marathon in 2011, "Twitch" has been synonymous with "charity fundraising." Below is a list of past & present charity streams!

How can you help? Donations of all sizes are monumental, but lurking & sharing is another great way to support these efforts.

Whenever life gives you a leg up, pay it forward!

- Anna "May"

February 2024

Thank you to everyone who supported our latest fundraiser drive for the AHA! Stay tuned for the channel's next charity fundraiser drive.

American Heart Association Logo

February 2023

Each February, we raise money for the American Heart Association. My hope is to not only raise funds, but AWARENESS of our own daily habits. What are you doing to improve your quality & length of life?

American Heart Association Logo

Spring 2022

I decided that hosting a fundraiser would be the best 27th  Birthday gift to myself. Living in the big city and walking by lines of folks waiting for a meal -- that's what drove me to choose Feeding America.

Feeding America Logo

Winter 2021

This was a small charity fundraiser in memory of kitties Simon and Madeline, a brother-sister duo from the same litter who crossed over the rainbow bridge after an a-meow-zing, long life together with their dad, my big bro. May their memory be a blessing!

American Heart Association Logo

Winter 2020

I picked this charity in light of the fact that my grandfather has survived four open heart surgeries. During one fateful stream, Ethan (CrankGamePlays) and his amazing community raided with mountains of <3 and $1000 on behalf of Tiltify.  

Fall 2017

My first time running a solo marathon: we gathered some friends and played games featuring "little heroes" for 72 hours. 

St Jude Children's Research Hospital Logo
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